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This website contains information about businessman Michael Scarpaci and funeral homes, a family run business in the Scarpaci family since 1910.  You will find a full bio about Michael on the About page, or if you want more information about funeral homes, burial services or funerals, check the Blog Page for more helpful articles.

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This website is created to provide information regarding Michael Scarpaci, businessman and entrepreneur, and funeral homes. Michael's family have owned and operated Scarpaci Funeral Home in New York which has been a business in his family for many years. If you would like to learn more about funeral services, you can click on the Blog tab to find articles to help you learn more about funeral services. You can learn more about Michael and his history on the About Page or if you would like to contact him, fill out the form on the contact page.

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Michael Scarpaci

michael scarpaci

Michael Scarpaci

New York / Florida Businessman & Entrepreneur

Michael is originally from New York, and currently resides in Miami, Florida.  Michael is the founder of Axis All, a business specializing in alternative financing options.  His family also owns Scarpaci Funeral Home in New York.

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For those that have experienced a recent loss, it can overwhelming to have to think about funeral services while grieving for a loved one.  The blog archive will provide valuable information about funeral homes during this difficult time that can help you make the correct decision when making your arrangements.  Make your best tribute to your loved one by getting all the right services to fit your needs.  Our blog should have many of the answers to common questions that you may have.


Funeral Services

Michael has been involved in the funeral home business for his entire life and is an expert in the business.  His family funeral home, Scarpaci Funeral Home, has been providing funeral services for over 110 years.  If you need more information regarding funeral services, you can get in touch with Michael and he can help guide you during this difficult time. 

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Learn More About Michael Scarpaci and Funeral Services

If you need more information about funeral services or funeral homes, you can reach out to Michael.  To get in touch with Michael, feel free to visit the Contact page and fill out the form and Michael will get back to you shortly. 


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