Types of Cremation You Should Be Familiar With

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The debate between burial and cremation has lasted for a few years however some cultures still insist on digging graves for their loved ones. Over time cremation has proven to have several benefits both to the bereaved family, their finances and to the environment. You should only approach carefully the procedure as different mortuaries have their own thoughts on the same. You are to research and understand the process of cremation how much it costs and most importantly the various types available at various mortuaries. These here are the common types of cremation as discussed by Michael Scarpaci that mortuaries avail to the public today.

No-cost cremation

Though rarely practiced, this is still one of the cremation options that one can give to their loved when upon their death. Some people do not mind having their bodies donated to science research laboratories and universities. Family members should respect such a wish and donate the body to the right research institution. The body will be returned to the family within 4 weeks of donation in the event that it does not match the program of the institute. If it passes the qualifications, it will be used in research and then cremated for free by the institution that bears its responsibility. Most loved ones however have a hard time obeying the wishes of their dead loved ones for their bodies to be donated to research facilities.

Cremation with traditional service

When compared to most cremation types, this is the most involving as a traditional funeral arrangement has to be arranged. The procedure ends up being the most costly form of cremation as it also takes time. The morgue will have to rent a casket and follow all embalming procedures to prepare the body for viewing. It is only after the traditional funeral arrangement that the morgue can proceed to commence the cremation process. Such procedures mostly involve close family members and friends.

Cremation with memorial service

A memorial services in many ways could be much similar to traditional funeral celebration however in this event, there needs not be a body or the remains for viewing. The mortuary will proceed with cremating the remains of the dead one agreed and then hand over the ashes to the chosen member of the family. The memorial mass is only done in their memory and to honor them in their last journey. It is also less costly when compared to the options of cremation with traditional funeral arrangements.

Direct cremation

Direct cremation is a common form of cremation that has been around for the longest time. It is a direct from of handling things where no viewing embalming or body preparation is done to the body. Once a person is declared dead, the preparation for cremation almost begins immediately and it also happens to be one of the cheapest ways to deal with a funeral. You can save a lot of time and finances by considering this option which has been around for a long time.

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