How to Choose the Right Funeral Home for a Bereaved Loved One


After losing a loved one, funeral arrangements have to be made despite of the grief or financial situations. Giving your dead loved one a honorable burial is the best parting gift you can give them. Choose a great funeral home where they can be admitted and readied for burial or cremation. With a lot of funeral homes around, choosing one for your loved one can almost be hard. Knowing the right features to check out and most importantly the reputation of a funeral home will prevent you from making mistakes. Check out below a guide Michael Scarpaci gives for you to use in choosing the best funeral home near you today.

Cost of services

Death is always unexpected and there is no planning for it for most people. How much do you need to part with before you can admit your dead relative at the morgue and roll out the burial arrangements? Start by conducting a research on different quotation given by morgues near you. After comparison of the price, you can determine the affordable and mist suitable one to use based on services offered. Cremation for most situations tends to be cheaper than burial but the decision will always lie with the family.

The assortment of services offered

You might not need all the services that are offered by a funeral home however you are sure of those that you need. Make a list of the services you want before checking the shortlisted funeral home options for what they offer. Some of the common services you should expect include obituary writing services, cremation and burial services, arranging for catering, handling burial paperwork, floral arrangements and even informing other relatives of the sad news. The list of services a funeral home offers to their clients will determine whether you are dealing with a top quality institution or a substandard one.

Location of the facility

There will be constant meetings and communications between you and the funeral home which makes location a major issue of consideration. This is however not relevant when you are planning the funeral arrangements remotely at home. Consider how the mourners will arrive at the location, the parking space, where they will sit and other useful plans for a funeral arrangement. A quality funeral home should help you with making such preparations during the tough time with the family.

Their local reputation

Reputation will tell you volumes about a business and how it serves its customers. You can learn of a local funeral home reputation by asking locally or better yet visiting their online sites and social media. When dissatisfied, most customers leave poor reviews on the testimonial’s page of the business. Funeral homes with poor quality ratings and comments are red flags and you must avoid them for those with better testimonials. Another great way to choose funeral homes with good reputation is use the list of recommendations that you get from people around you for your decision making after the vetting process.

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