Are There Any Benefits to Cremation?

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For some people, they have the decision made for them and other makes it themselves, what is your approach towards cremation? This has always been a sensitive topic to bring up especially in the cultures where people prefer to bury their loved ones. Cremation has however been increasing in popularity starting from the Asian culture to the rest of the world now. When deciding whether cremation is the right move for your loved ones, consider religion’s stance, environmental concerns and family reaction when they get the news. Michael Scarpaci discusses here are some benefits you can understand of having your loved cremated rather than buried.

Simplicity in process

In most cultures that use burial methods, funeral services has to be arranged traditionally and more often than not, this takes a lot of valuable time and resources. The cemetery has to be prepared, funeral mass services held, visitation and body viewing should also be planned for all which lead to a lot of inconveniences. It is better off to find a simple and eco-friendly method to take care of the dead and that in most cases can be found in cremation. The planning of cremation only takes shorter time allowing everyone to mourn and get back to their lives.

Eco-friendly method

There has been a growing trend of families burying their loved ones in cemented graves in the past few years. Such methods as grave decoration, body mummification and other process associated with burial are considered not safe for the environment. The chemicals used in body preservation or embalmment may also be of harm to the soil leading to pollution over time. Cremation ultimately seems to be the most ideal solution that one can consider moving forward. It is easy, cheap and efficient in protecting the environment from various kinds of harms caused by burials

Cost effective to bereaved family

It is obvious that loved ones would love to mourn for a few days after losing their loved ones before they can bury them. The problem with this is the cost of mourning and availing the right burring gear for instance casket, suits, gowns and also meal preparations. Such details are removed from the equation should choose to go with cremation. This process costs relatively reasonable prices based on the mortuary you choose to use. It furthermore makes the burial process easier as the ashes can be stored or scattered into the sea.

Offered by cemeteries

Take a step back if you thought that you will cremate your loved one yourself, that can be a lengthy, tedious and heart breaking procedure for you. After you lose your loved one, they are taken to the morgue for preservation as their family decides on the best burial method to be used. The best part is that cremation can be done right from the mortuary where your loved one is placed. This makes the process much easier with minimal complications as the mortuary staff are well versed with the details of the process.

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